The New Blood: Tyranny of Dragons

A Fool's Errand

Being hand to the grand duke truly has its perks. For some, being saddled with a pair of criminals might seem a daunting punishment, but I couldn’t be happier to have been put on task. Accompanying (heh, bard pun) this group, undoubtedly puts me in bad company, but the prospect of things going horribly and unpredictably wrong is more exciting than playing court fool, street performer, or bounty fetcher could ever hope to be.

I can already tell the lizard man hates me, if he hadn’t already been so inclined my prodding surely would have pushed him there, this is by no mistake; the collective hate on all sides of this conflict and the sentence he’s been given no doubt weigh heavy on him, making him a loose cannon and story just waiting to happen. Should we survive this whole cultist situation, the slaying of 5 dragons and his own dragon-like lust for magic will likely lead to his demise. In the case that it doesn’t the tale is even greater, I can hardly lose.


Vwls JordanCruz

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