The New Blood: Tyranny of Dragons

First Impressions

It’s been years since I was out with a group like this. Didn’t realized how much I’d missed it.
When I was young I was saved, I followed along because I didn’t have anywhere to go, I didn’t know anyone. The freedom of roaming around and helping people who couldn’t help themselves seemed foreign to me; strange, but right. I was once a slave forced into confined spaces, beaten and made to do harm to other captives and well-intentioned adventurers. I can only recall bits and pieces, but it’s more than I want to remember.

This group has that spark that I remember; eager to roam and discover, a little chaotic maybe, but at least well-meaning. Two of them, Kor-Zara and Vall have been together for a while. They remind me of Corrin and Jordan too much, like siblings who are each sure they, themselves are their parent’s favorite, butting heads, but always having each other’s back. They’ve been together a while, but aren’t averse to taking on newcomers, I’d be suspicious of their being quick to trust if I weren’t part of the out-group. The others, Piik and Ront seem to be a welcome addition to their ranks, for their ferocity and ability to take a hit if nothing else, something the others have obviously been missing, it’s rare to see a holy-man and a bard who have taken such a beating and are willing to again.

Piik and Ront seem to be nearly as new to meet each other as myself. Ront keeps quiet, but it’s not hard to see the gears turning, every move he makes is calculated; in battle and out. He’s seems to be a good man, but it’s difficult to discern his motivation, though they no doubt exists.

The small one Piik, has no idea that she’s small, like prey able to frighten away those who would hunt it. I like her, she has a kind heart and thick skin.


Vwls JordanCruz

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