The New Blood: Tyranny of Dragons

Part 17: The Tomb of Diderius

The Wyrmpriest Varram had been thrice shamed. First by the loss of Skyreach Castle to the meddling adventurers out of Darokin. Second being the defeat of Glazhael and the theft of his horde. Lastly, Varram had awoken after a night too long spent in the cups to find the White Dragon Mask was gone. Stolen by a thief in the night!

The dwarf needed a break, a way to deduce the likely hiding place of the sneak-thief who stole the mask. Plus, he needed to keep the loss of the White Dragon Mask hidden from the other Wyrm Speakers for the time being. Severin was not the forgiving sort and Varram was already on precarious footing with the elder Wyrm Speaker. Varram did not gain his station through luck or chance though, he was an accomplished sage and historian and knew more about the creation of magical items than the other four Wyrm Speakers together. His studies had told him a place not too far from his current location: the Tomb of Diderius, which contained a scrying pool of vast (if not malevolent) power. Thus, Varram, alongside a small force made way to the Tomb to locate and recover his mask.

Unbeknownst to the Varram, Neronvain the Green, had been watching and scheming. The Elven noble hated Varram with a passion deeper than the rift between their respected races. After turning Varram’s second in command against her master and orchestrating the means by which Skyreach Castle would be lost to the dwarf, Neronvain was finally in position for his final definitive strike.

Through the mercenary group Ordo Magni, Neronvain had Varram poisoned and the White Dragon Mask stolen. The thief, Jemna Gleamsilver, acted outside her orders though and attempted to sell the mask to the enemies of the great cause. Neronvain had no problems though tracking and killing the rogue, recovering the mask, and then moving forward in his plans to ensure Varram’s demise.

The insipid dwarf had taken a small retinue to the Tomb of Diderius to hopefully scry upon the location of his mask. Neronvain approached on his dragon Chuth, killed the guards Varram traveled with and coaxed the serpentine Yuan-Ti to capture Varram for ritual sacrifice. The blood-thirsty snake men were all too happy to oblige while Neronvain left to head north to his ancestral home. He had a family reunion to plan after all.


Wasn’t Jemna alive to buy the tower well after Varram was left to be slain by the Yuan-Ti?

Either way, good to hear she’s been taken care of, she was trouble

Part 17: The Tomb of Diderius

Ah, Jenma Silvergleam, my little charlatan. None of you were affiliated with Ordo Magni in any high regard so you don’t have a full grasp on the situation. You saw the body of Jenma believe it or not. The dead female elf you found along the Elbir River. You also met Jenma on the caravan to Vestland, a gnomish cutpurse. Lastly, the New Blood characters met Jenma during her offer to buy Xonthal’s tower… but she was a halfling at that meeting.

Confused yet?

Part 17: The Tomb of Diderius
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