The New Blood: Tyranny of Dragons

Part 18: Neronvain victorious

Neronvain had recovered the White Dragon Mask. The Ordo Magni thief, Jenma Gleamsilver, put up little fight and her tortured screams were beautiful music to the Green Wyrmspeaker. In the end he let Chuth consume the small morsel. Although these dalliances were enjoyable there was much business to be conducted back “home”.

Chuth was directed to fly to Sylvair, ancestral home of Neronvain’s family and current location of his father Gylharen, Lord of Wendar. Neronvain was elven in blood but his family line was not pure. His father Gylharen was now an ancient human over a century in age. Years ago Gylharen saw in his son the capacity for violence and evil and attempted to turn the boy away from his infatuation with the Cult of Idris. Neronvain was sent away to Laurianta to commune with the Sylvan spirits among the Enchanted Wood and find peace. Instead, among the winter court fey and in the shadows of that beautiful forest Neronvain found his greatest ally and patron as well as the means by which he would cleanse his blood of its impurities.

Neronvain had gained power over one of the Sonneleth Rangers, Galin, and used his thrall to confuse and confound what defenses Wendar could raise against him. Neronvain then raised a sizable force from those pledged to the Cult of Idris and set them loose against his father’s lands. He and his bonded dragon, Chuth, led assaults against the unprotected hamlets and villages and gathered what treasures they could to aid the Queen’s return.

The meddling adventurers who had troubled Varram made a feeble attempt to stop Neronvain but proved less of a threat against a real foe. With their group broken he gave the bodies to the Cult of Idris to use in their necromantic experiments. Now, with the defenses of Wendar in shambles and his path clear from interference Neronvain made his move. His father commanded much magical power but it paled in comparison to the font of energy Neronvain was granted by his patron. Soon his father’s broken corpse was put on display for his vassals to weep and wail over while Neronvain forcibly took his Elven mother to his bed to breed a true-blooded line. Her cries only served to bring a semblance of enjoyment to an otherwise mundane task.

The new Wizard-King of Wendar gladly took his throne and diverted his forces south towards the Well of Dragons. The true Queen of all the Known World would soon be arriving and the known world would be forcibly dragged into a new age.


whelp…now there’s incest

Part 18: Neronvain victorious

And he wouldn’t have gotten away with it if you kids had meddled better.

Part 18: Neronvain victorious
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