The New Blood: Tyranny of Dragons

Part 19: Gathering Forces

Leosin hadn’t slept in days. All communications from his strike team in Wendar had gone silent and the Wyrm Speaker Neronvain seemed unscathed. Cultists and slaves were being funneled from the north towards the Well of Dragons and the Princes of Glantri did nothing to seal their borders. The subhuman hordes of the Broken Lands had been driven into a frenzy and pushed south towards Darokin and Karameikos drawing their forces into a protracted defensive campaign. The Order of the Gauntlet, diplomats of Alfheim, and the Rockhome ambassadors had all been absent at the council meetings leading to a fractured front line. Unless some new source of strength came to the aid of the council Leosin couldn’t see a potential victory for the forces of order.

Duke Stefan of Karameikos had sent envoys to the far corners of the Known World seeking allies. One of his missives was answered by a high elf who only referred to herself as Elia and spoke of powerful allies. Duke Stefan could not afford to turn away any offer of assistance so he heard her terms. Once he recovered from the shock of her offer immediate plans were put in place. He would need a trusted agent to serve as his voice, a steadfast soldier to ensure his voice can be heard, and a source of magical support to maintain communication with the council since the envoys would be travelling. He also opted to attach a prisoner to the mission, a magically controlled servant of the enemy which possessed knowledge no one outside the cult had access to. He would be needed, potentially, for the 2nd leg of the mission.

This small team would be travelling with Elia to a Council of Wyrms, a moot of metallic dragons and possible allies in the battle against the cult of Tiamat. The aid of these dragons would provide a boon that could not be ignored. Since the meeting would be happening in the Colossus Mounts near Klantyre, the envoy could also investigate another potential ally, Prince MacGregor of Glantri. The rumors of the princes proclivities were foul indeed but surely most of that talk was merely uneducated mistrust of wizardry. At the very least it was an option to investigate. Lastly, there was word that one of the Dragon Masks was on loan to the wizard Xonthal in Boldavia. Perhaps a gesture to sway the elemental binder to the cause of the cult of Tiamat. The mask would hopefully be able to recovered through use of knowledge possessed of the Dragonborn prisoner.


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