The New Blood: Tyranny of Dragons

Piik's Dance

Specter, I see you there
A shroud of mist reveals your stare
For the moment the center of it all
Yet it is more than I can bear

You followed me to the brink
Once again you invite me to dance
Electrified by your spark
Unable to avert your glance

Your reach but a chill that sets me to fire
The ferocity of the storm churns
Wild and unbridled
Unleashed is a rage that burns

Step by step, you match my stride
My sword is set ablaze
You parry a surging strike
But you fell hard upon my unrelenting gaze

Sustain this moment of raging
Locked in this familiar embrace
Alive in the chaos of combat
We let the fire intensify our pace

Primal are the cries that surge forth
My bloodied caress painted across your face
We dance in pained exchange
Until I taste your bones crumble to waste

I open my eyes, am far out of place
Gone is the vision of you there
Leaving me aghast from yet another chase
All that remains your shadow I wear

~ Killer Bree


Vwls Ravenswrath

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