Wood Elf Tempest Cleric


Kor-Zara is of average height for a Wood Elf, brown to sandy brown hair, brown eyes and a golden almost earthy complexion. He wears earth tones and is usually very dirty with leaves and trail dust on almost everything he owns.
As the hair regrows on his scalp it itches something fierce, but he is glad to have it in the tundra for a little extra warmth. The cold has taken on another level of hell, the constant pain in the fingers and toes might be enough for a bounty hunter to search for more southerly ventures.


Kor-Zara was born during one of the nastiest storms of the Century. Being born on such an awesome storm his calling was set out before him from day one. Tempest Cleric was not taught to him by a master or priestess, Kor-Zara is self taught and realize on his mind and guidance from the more wild side of his God Silvanus. Kor-Zara struck out on his own finding company with bounty hunters and general caravan guard work. As of late he has become to call a group of folks that seem not be bounty hunters or mercenaries his companions, so far this group has done good in the world and added much needed coin into his pocket. The dreams of his short rest have been becoming more vivid, with loud whooshing of air and visions of large leathery wings. The group has not heard his cries out yet, but it is a constant worry they might think him insane.


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