Vall Stormbreeze

Half-Elf Dragon Sorcerer/Bard


Vall is 6’4’’ and weighs in at 200 lbs and is 36 years old. He welds a glass staff in his left hand that he casts light on to make it glow in different colors depending on his mood. He typically dresses in a black trench coat and has a dagger with knuckle guards sheathed on his left hip. The half elf keeps his wand of magic missiles in his upper left jacket pocket on the inside. Vall has green eyes and his hair has turned a coppery red after the white dragon soul was removed. He keeps his beard trimmed neat and his ears are only slightly pointy and mostly human sized. His half dragon heritage is hidden except for bronze flakes in his skin which only a trained eye could notice. Vall typically plays the harmonica to wind down before bed.


Vall was raised by his mother until the age of 5 in the Alfheim woods. She was killed during a orc raid and he was saved by his uncle Nymmurth, an ancient bronze dragon. He stayed with his uncle on Green Leaf Island until his 20th birthday. Vall decided to return to the mortal world and reconnect with his heritage and attempted to return to his mothers home. He is currently working as a guide to Alfheim city for merchants while slowly earning his mothers people’s trust. It’s only been 15 years but he is hopeful in the next 50 he will be accepted.

He is good natured and often rushes head long into danger despite not wearing armor. Vall has taken to a local tavern “The brew house” with excellent beer. He was not initially received well by the locals with his staff and only wielding a small dagger. But the half elf quickly learned some rousing drinking songs which enabled him to make more than a few friends to watch his back at this bar. Losing a few games of bones also helped him makes some friends. Everyone likes to take your money.

Vall Stormbreeze

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