The New Blood: Tyranny of Dragons

Part 1: Goblin Ambush

The Players: Andrik, Duncan, Fernau, Kor-Zara, Vall

The Settings: Republic of Darokin, Cragmaw Hideout

The group were hired to deliver mining goods to the town of Armstead by Gundren Rockseeker. Oversight of the delivery went to his distant cousin Andrik Brawnhammer who personally put together the team. Gundren and longtime friend Sildar Hallwinter then rode ahead a day earlier to meet the two other Rockseeker brothers in Armstead and explore what Gundren referred to as, “A once in a lifetime opportunity.”

With the mining goods packed the group headed out on the wagon. On their 3rd day of travel, nearly half a day out of Armstead, they found the remains of an ambush. Black fletched arrows marked the spot of the ambush but the only casualties seemed to be horses belonging to Gundren and Sildar. Signs pointed to the travelers having been led into the forests to the north of the trail. As the party investigated they were attacked by small group of goblin’s left behind to kill anyone who would investigate Gundren’s disappearance.


The party survived the ambush and followed their benefactors kidnappers back to a cave mouth. Within the cave they dispatched many goblins as well as their subchieftan, a bugbear named Klarg. Sildar Hallwinter was rescued and informed them that Gungren had been taken shortly before their arrival along with all the equipment and goods both of them had on them. Also inside the cave were a wagons worth of goods belonging to the trade guild Hallonica House that looked to have been stolen days earlier.

Loading up all they could the group delivered Gungren’s mining supplies (sans Gundren) and Hallonica House supplies to a grateful merchant who paid them well for their troubles.


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