The New Blood: Tyranny of Dragons

Part 3: The Spider's Web

The Players: Fernau, Karn, Kor-Zara, Trinket, Vall

The Settings: Cragmaw Castle, Cruth Mountains

The tasks set forth by the townsfolk of Phandelin led the heroes far and wide. Allies were made, enemies defeated, and peace negotiated when possible. A clue did present itself leading to Cragmaw Castle where Gundren was rescued from his goblinoid captors. Evidence pointed to a mysterious mastermind known only as the ‘Black Spider’ pulling the strings and targetting the dwarf as well as the party. A messenger of this ‘Black Spider’ was found in the castle in the form of a doppelganger who died trying to escape with a map to the fabled Wave Echo Mine. The map belonged to Gundren Rockseeker and ultimately proved the reason for his capture.

On an investigation the party uncovered the lair of the young Green Dragon calling itself Venomfang. Deciding the creature couldn’t be left nesting this close to Armstead they chose to press their luck and drive it from it’s home. The young dragon’s hubris and inexperience proved it’s downfall and the heroes managed to slay it as it attempted to flee the region. They gathered what skins they could and learned of a master leatherworker by the name of Thorry Duskwhisper working out of the town of Crowlerd to the west.


With the landscape as peaceful as they could make it the heroes set forth for Wave Echo Mine to finally challenge the ‘Black Spider’ and reclaim the Forge of Spells for the good people of Armstead.


Vwls Vwls

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