Sir Reed the Blood Glaive


Reed stands 6 ft. tall and wears gray plate mail armor. He is strong for a half elf and he wears his black hair in a ponytail. His green eyes and pointy ears demonstrate his elven heritage. He wears his long sword of warning at his left hip and has a shield strapped to his back. Two hand axes are stowed on his belt. Reed wears a blue and white talbard with a griffon on it. The paladin’s primary weapon is a glaive which he holds at an ease that suggests he can employ it at a moment’s notice. Reed has started to grow a beard and his normally chipper face has taken a stoic look after his incarceration.


Reed was born near the village of Marilenev. His mother was human and his father an elven noble from Alfhiem. Reed was raised with his 6 year younger half-sister Sara along the coast by his mother. She married 5 years later and his step father did not appreciate Reed’s half elven heritage. Due to his step father’s rude behavior Reed ran off at 10 and joined a local street gang. He did remain close with his mother and sister when his dad was not around. At 16 he was pressed into service for the army of Karameikos and went to war supporting the duke.

After 6 years the glaive fighter received a promotion to Lieutenant at the close of the war. The army was divided up to various outposts to prevent goblin raiding. During a scouting mission an army of 200 undead was sighted coming from the west toward Marilenev. The paladin led his 50 men to a ruin outside the town where they set up traps and were able to hold out and defeat them. The half elf was knighted by Duke Stefan himself when he arrived with his 200 Calvary to defeat the threat.

Reed learned of his sister’s disappearance sometime after the battle of Marilenev. Reed was able reconnect to his childhood contacts and locate where she was. She was taken by one of Baron Ludwig von Hendrik’s lesser knights named Phillip and she was in fort doom. The paladin with the aid of his childhood friends was able to sneak into the fort.
They were able to find her body flayed in the dungeon. Fueled by vengeance the paladin took a new oath and stormed the barracks killing 30 men including the knight Phillip. The final strike on the vile knight was so critical it’s said to have stained the glaive blood red giving Reed his nickname. After the fight Reed was able to escape back to Specularum. He was arrested by some men working for the Black Eagle but they were unable to take him back to Fort Doom because Stefan placed him in jail for his transgressions instead of an execution.

Sir Reed the Blood Glaive

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