Tinkerer Gnome Beastmaster Ranger


At first glance, many will write Trinket off as a child, with her small stature (even for a gnome) and child-like features, it’s an easy mistake to make. Somewhat minimalistic, her attire is mostly utilitarian; providing warmth, mobility, and a bit of protection she dresses to hunt, tinker, and explore. Not one for frills or decorations any accessories she wears either serve a secondary purpose (like her many multi-use tools and gadgets), or are an heirloom from her deceased mother.

A Ranger, Trinket most often wields a longbow with a spring-loaded hinge of her own design; formerly adept in hunting she is still learning ins and outs of actual combat, finding her footing in hand-to-hand she occasionally employs the use of two shortswords, but with the advent of her new Gauntlets of Ogre Strength she’s taken to a longsword recovered from a fallen shapeshifter. Not yet utilized in combat, she has, in the past ridden her clockwork familiar (currently a panther), Rusty Heap with her bow drawn in the pursuit of a hunt.


Raised by her mother, Orrie “Trinket” Trin grew up in the remote forests, away from the large cities and towns of the region. Though somewhat isolated, their home was rarely without guests and visitors. It was from these visitors that Trinket learned many of her skills, which she has honed throughout her time in the forest.

Independent and self-sufficient from a young age Trinket would often disappear for days at a time into the woods with her clockwork companion Rusty Heap to feed her constantly growing curiosity and to practice her skills, always returning home with ample provisions for herself, her mother, and whoever was visiting at the time.

Despite being raised by her Forest Gnome mother, Trinket showed incredible aptitude from a young age for fixing, building, and improving just about anything with moving parts, skills her father excelled at, even by Rock Gnome standards; often times marrying nature with mechanics, Trinket regularly creates objects and solutions that even the most adept of engineers and collectors would find clever and fascinating.

Throughout her childhood Trinket learned much from her mother whose ability to heal and coexist with nature helped to create a decent life in the woods for the two of them. At about the time of Trinket’s adolescence her mother’s health and mental state began to deteriorate, eventually leading to her death. Throughout her mother’s decline Trinket learned more about the importance of cultivating relationships and exchanging favors, as many of her mother’s friends volunteered their time and efforts to ease her burden. Still a mystery, thoughts of the illness frequently plague Trinket; both peaking her insatiable curiosity and instilling fear.

While her young age and limited experience blending in with society might leave her somewhat naive, individuals will find that her skills and abilities, coupled with her loyalty make her a valuable ally and companion.

Trinket’s 20 Questions


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