The New Blood: Tyranny of Dragons

Chains that Rattle

Upon being summoned the guards placed chains on both feet and hand, making for a great show, but completely and utterly unneeded. The Geas this duke has put upon me will see to my behavior, because my skin is worth more than the blood of some simple fool and his precious little head. I play the part and rattle down the hallway in my slumped glory. Upon entering the grand hall there is much to steal and take from this simple baron, he leaves his treasures around like a small child and wishes the worms to comment and make him feel loved and powerful. As the commencement starts and the story unravels, so does his affection for the sniveling shyster that sits at his side that should accompany the squalid group that has formed to save the world. He wants a story, the only story end for him is a book closing as he draws his last breath.


Vwls TylerHarvey

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